The Title Insurance Process

Several professionals play a role in the purchase of a property. Realtors help you find the right property and provide valuable services and insight to the entire buying/selling process. Lenders help you come up with the right financing to fit your needs and income. A title company determines record ownership of the property being purchased, closes your purchase and issues title insurance.

Alamogordo Title Company:
Alamogordo Title Company searches the county records (title search) to determine the "chain of title" to the particular piece of property involved in the transaction. This search shows: Record Ownership

Encumbrances - mortgages, restrictive covenants, liens, easements, judgments and other reservations:
Encumbrances provide a title insurance commitment (binder). This shows a list of requirements necessary to make your title marketable and to make us willing to insure it.

After closing, you are provided with a policy of title insurance (your lender gets one too).